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From Being 107 Pounds Overweight to Competing In a Fitness Modelling Contest

Hey, I’m Mary and this is my weight loss story and how I lost over 100 pounds in a little over 7 months.

mary_before_weight loss and the morning fat melter program

Just like most people, I realized I needed to do something about my weight, when my health was in danger…

By the time I started becoming aware of my weight, I was at 238 pounds.

At 47 years of age and being 107 pounds overweight…

I only realized that I was in very bad shape at a routine checkup, when my doctor told me that I was pre-diabetic, with my blood sugar being over 150.

According to my doctor, I had to lose at least 30 pounds in the next 3 months, when he schedules our next appointment or face a life dependent on insulin.

From a happy food lover to a pre- diabetic…

The news shattered me and the thought of having to depend on insulin injections for the rest of my life just sent fear through me.

It’s strange how a short visit to the doctor can turn your life around: from a happy food lover to a pre- diabetic…

I became so scared and worried about my health that for the first week, I couldn’t even sleep at night.

So I did what I’ve always done for 47 years whenever anything went wrong… I buried my feelings in food, but this time I was disgusted with myself….

How did it come to this ?

That’s when I decided THAT I WOULD CHANGE MY LIFE! And get my old body back!

But I failed miserably…

I tried 10 different programs in the next 2 months, trying to lose weight and look and feel better about myself, but nothing worked! I wasted a few thousands of dollars on these program with no results! They all left me hungry and miserable…

I became depressive and because all this stress, I got 3 pounds heavier than when I started.

And it was 1 month before my doctor appointment and I was getting terrified…  I was supposed to lose 30 pounds but instead, I gained 3 pounds…

I couldn’t take it anymore…

I have really done my best to eat the right way and exercise…

The text message that changed my life

So I jumped onto my Ipad and  I started researching like crazy the website Ann sent me …     

The website was created by Aline P., a personal trainer from Hawaii who has created a unique weight loss program for women called the Morning Fat Melter.

Then I stumbled uроn an article about how thousands of women were losing 4-5 pounds a week with Aline’s program…  

They were doing Aline’s short 18 minutes morning workouts on their empty stomach … And they were all eating 6 filling meals a day mixed with some odd herbs and nutrients….  

I could barely believe it…   How could anyone eat 6 meals a day and lose weight, while I was starving myself and actually gained 3 pounds in the last 2 months?  

The article also explained why this odd combination offers more weight loss benefits compared to hours of slow-go cardio and restrictive diets.  

I finally understood why nothing was working for me and that I only slowed down my metabolism…

And because I trust Ann and wanted to do this with her, and I was desperate and willing to try anything, I signed up for Aline’s program and started following the same plan.   

After a few days I received the  DVD.  

I got 9 full body 15 minutes workout videos, a complete meal plan for 30 days and 4 PDF manuals & 9 training videos in which all the plan was detailed. 

That afternoon I started to watch the 9 training videos and I got really excited! I went to bed with lots of enthusiasm and hopes for the next morning when I was supposed to do my first Morning Fat Melter workout on my empty stomach!  

I played the first workout video and followed Aline’s lead…

I was really surprised to see that I was able to finish it! And even though I did it on my empty stomach I had enough energy to do it!   

After just a few days, I started to have more energy than I had in years!  

In my first week I lost 6 pounds! 12 pounds after 2 weeks! It seemed unreal! And it was easy! My metabolism got really fast! My daily calorie burn has increased by over 436%!

After just 30 days all my pants got loose, my legs started to look more toned, I had less cellulite and my arms started to look slimmer and I lost 23 pounds!  

One of their manuals helped me find the motivation I needed, so I only stopped when I became proud of my body! It really worked!

A few months down the line, having been very faithful to Aline’s plan, I was seeing a huge transformation in my body.

I followed her plan for 7 consecutive months and half, and I had lost 107 pounds!

I was slimmer, well-toned and much more confident than I had ever been.

I wasn’t risking diabetes anymore and my blood sugar levels were similar to the ones of young athletes.

My friend Ann, also lost 57 pounds on the Morning Fat Melter program.

We were healthier and happier than ever, and in fact, I was so confident that I decided to do something crazy for a simple woman like me…

The biggest challenge of my life

Because of my results and my confidence and because I was admired by a lot of women in Aline’s support group, Aline asked me to become a coach, so I can help and inspire other women.

So we became more close and she told me to upload new photos of me in our online portal, so more and more women can get inspired by my story

And after 2 months, Aline told me that she wanted to have a phone call with me that night…

She called me and told me that I was ready …

Ready for what I asked her?

She said: “Ready to step on stage and show everybody how hard you’ve worked“

I was still in the fog… I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about…

She was actually recommending me to step on stage and compete in a fitness contest …

The thought of participating in such a contest has never crossed my mind, but since she gave me a 7 days getting ripped protocol I decided to do it.

After 1 month and the protocol I mentioned, I felt ready, so I went through with it…

It was a fitness modelling contest for women over the age of 45. Now, I didn’t win…

In fact there were 23 women who competed at my category, and I was not even in the first 16, but for a woman who was close to being dependent on insulin for the rest of her life because of how fat she was…

I mean I was a long way ahead of my previous condition!

What more could I ask for?

This is a picture taken by my son and daughter, who came to cheer for their mom!

 I have since maintained my new weight, I love myself more than ever, I am filled with confidence and YES, I will compete again.

I wish to encourage anyone struggling with their weight not to give up and to follow the Morning Fat Melter program, because it will change your life!

And YES, it is so cheap that everyone can access it – for a limited time only, you can start and save 60% !

There is truly nothing that is impossible to achieve when you you follow the right program and you get the support you need!

If I did it, so can you!

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