How To Make Over $2000 Per Month By Losing Weight With my Morning Fat Melter Program

As you well know my Morning Fat Melter program has already helped thousands of women worldwide lose over 30 pounds of fat, so if you want to lose weight following the program is a guaranteed way to achieve results.

At the same time, you can share your progress with your friends on Facebook, Instagram or your Blog, and make over $2000 per month in affiliate commissions.

How To Make Over $2000 Per Month In Affiliate Commissions With My Morning Fat Melter Program

Making money by promoting my program is very easy. My program is sold on my website through the Clickbank platform, which is the biggest affiliate platform in the world.

After you become a Clickbank affiliate, you can promote the program to your friends and family and make 75% commissions from each purchase your friends make and those commissions will be sent to your bank account every 2 weeks. It is 100% legal and it is the best way to make an extra income while at the same time lose weight and tone your body.

Steps To Make Money With My Morning Fat Melter Program

  1. Sign Up For a Clickbank Account

Signing up is 100% free and takes only 5 minutes. Go to and complete the simple form. Enter your email, name, address, phone number and eventually your account will be complete and you will get an affiliate account. At the end of the registration, you will get your affiliate nickname. For example, lets make it sarah1299.

2. Buy My Morning Fat Melter Program either from Amazon or From My Website

If you live in USA or Canada you can buy my Morning Fat Melter program as a DVD which is great because you can show the DVD to all your friends.

You can head to or and search for “workout dvd for women” and you will find my dvd as the first one on the page. For now the price is only $29.99 in USA and only $39.99 in Canada. You can also buy the dvd from our website  for $37 + shipping ($10).

If you live in UK, Australia, New Zeeland or South Africa or Europe, you can purchase the digital version which is instantly downloadable to your PC or Smartphone. It is only $37 and can be purchased here

3.Create Your Affiliate Link

Your affiliate link will let clickbank know that the people who bought my program did it through your referral and a 75% commission will go to you from each sale. Clickbank tracks everything, and the only thing you must do is add your bank account to your clickbank’s account settings.

If you want to promote the dvd this is your affiliate link

If you want to promote the digital version, use this link

You should change sarah1199 with your affiliate nickname and yourtrackingid with Facebook, Instagram or Youtube to know which of your marketing efforts will work for you.

Inside your clickbank account you’ll have access to the analytics which will show you how many sales were made through your affiliate links and which marketing channel has made the sale and that’s why it is important to use tracking ids.

An example of tracking id is MfmFbook, and this will let you know that people have clicked your affiliate link from a Facebook post.

A good idea would be to write my support staff and tell them that you want to promote my program and they will make your affiliate link look much better. This is called cloacking!

Instead of this ugly link, which Facebook will not like, they will give you a new one which you can post to Facebook and make commissions.

To test if your link works, simply enter your affiliate link – the one your received from my staff in your browser. You will be redirected to my sales page.

On that page, simply click the ADD TO CART button, where you either have to enter an email address or you will be redirected to the checkout page. There, in the lower part – on top of the footer, you should be able to see your affiliate link and your tracking id as in the image below.

If someone makes a purchase, you will make 75% commissions. And that’s how you can make thousands of $$$ each month. 

4. Start The Program and Start Sharing Your Progress On Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Your Blog

First and the most important step is to actually start implementing the program. Read the PDF’s. do the workouts, watch the nutritional videos and follow the meal plan. Most of my clients who follow the program precisely lose over 15 pounds each month, so you should expect similar results.

Then, simply share your progress with your friends on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. I recommend you do short videos and in each post, include your affiliate link. The more posts you will make, the more chances you’ll have for people to join you and buy through your affiliate link.

Each video should speak about what you are doing on the program (the exercise you did, a meal you just prepared and ate, how you’re feeling) and should encourage people to join you and get the program through the link on the post.

You can use your phone to record your progress and people will love you for the hope you will give them because for sure, all your friends have been thinking to start a weight loss journey for a long time!

We had over 100 women who started doing these videos and most of them started to make commissions after the first week when they already lost a few pounds. And the great news is that over 67 of these 100 women who started, made at least 1 sale through their affiliate link.

Of course the more you stay on my program and the more weight you lose, the more your friends will join you, so a good plan would be to follow my program and to share your progress every day for 3 weeks.

You can lose over 15 pounds and all your clothes would fit you better and when your friends will see the progress on the scale and how your clothes are loose, they will invest in the program!

Another great way to make commissions is to talk to a group of friends. You can call all of them and tell them that you started this workout dvd program and you would like them to join you. It is only $37 + shipping, and if you will all do the program, your results would be greater! And you can send them a text message with your affiliate link so they can purchase!

Another way is to send an email to everyone you know with a PDF ebook that describes our program. Inside the PDF, my team can create clickable links that are all your affiliate links. The ebook offers a lot of value for all the women who want to lose weight and your friends will appreciate the fact that you give them the PDF. If they click the links in the PDF and end up buying, you will make at least $24 commissions on each purchase!

Below you can meet Patricia. She has made over $50.000 in affiliate commissions and she only lost 30 pounds with my program. Here are some of her first videos she made, however she only created a video once a week which she uploaded to a Facebook Business Page and she boosted the post so people between 40-50 to watch it. If you will post 3 times daily, you will get much better results!

That’s it! You will lose 30 pounds in 2 months and you can make a lot of money just by sharing your progress.And if you are ready to get started, go ahead and

1. Get My Morning Fat Melter DVD

2. Create Your Clickbank affiliate ID

3. Email my support team and tell them Your Clickbank affiliate ID so they can make a nice affiliate link.

4. Start sharing your progress with your friends and family and lose lots of pounds and make lots of money!