How Janet Stopped Overeating and Lost 54 Pounds in 3 Months

janetI’m Janet. I am 44 years old and for most of my adult life I was overweight.

However, I was not always like this. Up until I was 18 years old, I was really sexy and fit.

I was even a good cheerleader and a member of our high-school football team.

I was dating one of the hottest guys in the team. He was much taller than me and so handsome 🙂

I was in the eleventh grade, when I fractured one of my ankles, during practice, 2 weeks before the playoffs.

I was devastated because I worked so hard to be one of the best cheerleaders in the team….

To make things worse, the guy I had been dating for a few months, has started seeing another girl… a thing that made me embarrassed to even go watch the playoffs… I felt like a total looser….

The doctor told me that I shouldn’t exercise or force that ankle for at least 3-4 months, so since I couldn’t exercise at all for so long, I gained over 20 pounds ….

After 6 months I started cheerleader practices again, but I felt like I was the worst in the whole team, so after 3 weeks I decided to quit.

It was truly the worst decision I have taken in my entire life…

By the time I finished college I was around 60 pounds overweight.

During finals I was always binging because of the stress, so I easily gained like 10 pounds each year…

My weight loss attempts & failures….

As you can imagine, I tried to lose weight many times….  I was able to stay on a diet for 2-3 weeks and even lose a few pounds….

But each time I lost weight, something always happened that got me to overeat 2-3 days on a row and all my weight loss efforts got down the drain….

I always ended up weighing more than when I started!

I think I bought over 20 weight loss programs and I failed with all of them. I could never stay motivated long enough to see significant results…

What was different this last time?

It was the summer of 2015 when, I decided to spend my Thanksgiving Day in Cuba. My colleagues from work invited me and I said yes… 

It was supposed to be a 5 days vacation to relax in the sun…

I don’t know what was going through my mind when I said Yes to their invite ….

Because only the thought of my colleagues seeing me in my bikini frightened me… I hated my body 🙁 

So, I decided to buy another weight loss program…

This last one was based on morning workouts and a diet based on proteins.

It was called The Morning Fat Melter, and after I watched some workout videos on Facebook and how people have commented about how great the workouts were, I decided to give it a try… 

Even though the workouts are great and I received a detailed meal plan, after 3 weeks into the program, I was already about to quit…

I guess following a plan was simply not for me

That’s when I received an email from Aline.

She was starting a “secret test group” with 100 women, who would have the chance to work with Aline and an emotional healer to fix all the “mental issues” that were stopping them from losing weight….

The email got me thinking…. “mental issues” that stopped me from losing weight?

Did Aline just called me “insane” for not being able to lose weight? I was pissed at first, but maybe she was right…

So, I emailed Aline… I never thought there could be beliefs and mental blocks that were sabotaging my weight loss efforts… 

I asked her to explain more about this new project…

I read her reply and I finally understood what happened to me…. how my emotions and body image issues were making overeat and stopping me from achieving a sexy body….

Why from being a sexy teenager I transformed myself into a 80 pounds overweight woman who hated her body and was single for the last 5 years….

So I decided to apply for one of the 100 spots in the test group….

How my life completely changed in 3 months

I sent an email to Aline stating the reasons why I wanted to be part of this group, that I am committed to changing my life and after 2 days I got accepted and received a PDF that I had to read by the next day.

The PDF was simply amazing. I finally understood why I was in that mess…

You see, I suffered a lot when I saw the guy I was dating in high school with another girl and I promised myself that I will never suffer again.

So, even though I started dating again, I never got involved, so because the need for love was never fulfilled in my life, I was eating sweets and other foods to feel a similar joy….

That was one of the reasons why I gained so much weight…

So, later on, I received 2 videos in which I was explained a new technique called EFT – the emotional freedom technique, and how it helps to change our habits and make us think differently about ourselves and our bodies….

And especially about following a weight loss plan.

I even received an EFT routine for the first 3 days…

So, I did that tapping routine 3 times a day for the first 3 days and things already started to change… 

My colleagues from work asked me why I was suddenly feeling so happy and fulfilled 🙂 

The phrase which helped me the most was: “Even though I was never successful in my past weight loss attempts, I deeply and completely love, honor and accept myself”.

Of course I was tapping while saying this phrase 🙂

Then, all of the sudden I didn’t feel that need to eat so many sweets anymore… and I felt like I wanted to run and exercise….

So, the very next morning, I re-started doing the Morning Fat Melter Workouts….

On the 5th day I received more videos, all with new EFT routines focused on my body issues…

Once I started to do them, I noticed how people looked at me differently …

I started to behave differently, so people started treating me with more respect…

Following a diet plan long enough so I could see results was my biggest challenge, so the next videos were all about this…

How to mentally adjust to a weight loss program without overeating or binging as a result …. 

The next 2 EFT videos helped me so much with that… For the first time in my life I was able to follow a weight loss program for 1 month straight…. 

And it was not difficult at all, because I was also doing the EFT routine for about 15 minutes each day 🙂

I lost 23 pounds that month…. I felt happy and content with my body – something I haven’t felt in a long time 🙂

Then I had a chance to speak to Malyaa, the emotional healer involved in the project.

It was a skype call, 1 hour long. Malyaa told me that my romantic life is to blame for the fact that I was overweight and gave me a special EFT routine to help me fix it. 

In less than 2 weeks I met Rob and it turned into the most amazing relation I ever had…. 

janet ebfore and after

In 3 months I lost 54 pounds and I had an amazing time in Cuba.

Yes, Aline’s workouts and diet plan helped me a lot, but the truth is that doing the EFT routine daily for 15 minutes, made all the difference.

I was able to let go of all the frustrations that made me overeat and hate my body…. 

And doing the EFT routines daily helped me stay on track, something that I was never able to achieve in the past… 

So, if you want to lose weight, here’s my recommendation: Also work on your motivation and mental state.

If your mental is strong, you can achieve anything… otherwise you will only end up failing again and again.

wake up thin programThe same guidance we received inside the test group to reprogram our brains is now available through Aline’s new Weight Loss Motivation program, the Wake Up Thin.

Through the 14 videos you get the same EFT routines that helped me. I still tap daily for 10 minutes.

For the last month, my goal was to get a promotion, and I got it. I am sure I couldn’t do it without EFT!

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