How I lost 40 pounds for my wedding

Hey, I’m Kat and this is my weight loss story and how I got in great shape for my wedding.

 I haven’t been big all my life; in fact, I only started to gain weight when my parents and I moved from India to United States.

Let me just say that the food here in the US is very different from what we were used to back in India.

How I gained weight

There are lots of fast foods and nice restaurants in my area and their food is delicious. I loved going out with my friends, and since my dad is an engineer and now we can afford it, we used to have dinner at nice restaurants at least 4 times per week.

I also loved snacking chips at night.

Slowly I started gaining weight. I knew I needed to do something about it, but just didn’t have the motivation to get started. …

What made me decide to lose weight

6 months after we moved in US, I met a wonderful guy and we fell in love. After dating for a few months, our parents decided that it was time for us to get married. 

That was the moment when I decided to start doing something about my weight. I had only 2 months left to lose 40 pounds if I was going to fit into my dream wedding gown.

Every bride wants to look stunning on her big day and I wanted nothing less of that, especially since we had over 300 guests. 

It was supposed to be the best day of my life and I also wanted to look great for my husband as well…  to make him proud 🙂

The start of my weight loss story – How I found Aline’s Program

In my search for the best weight loss program or diet, I came across a few short workout videos on Facebook.

All Videos belonged to a woman, Aline Pilani, so I started following her and even messaged her.

To my surprise, she answered me and told me that she has recently launched her new fat loss program for women.

We continued to chat, and when she told me how many women she has already helped to lose weight, I decided to try her program.

On the download page, I found 9 workout videos – each one around 18 minutes long, a meal plan for 30 days, 2 more manuals and 9 training videos on how to boost metabolism.

Aline’s weight loss motivation program, which was also included, made all the difference for me because in those videos Aline explained in detail what I had to do to keep my motivation high in order to lose those 40 pounds easily.

I started the next morning with Aline’s first morning workout. It was great, short and intense, and I felt great all day long.

Aline’s plan recommends drinking a protein shake after the workout, however, I only bought protein powder after 3 days, so in the beginning I made the shake with skim milk, stevia, 4 egg whites and blueberries.

The program comes with an exact meal plan and a complete grocery shopping list. I had my mom buy and prepare all the meals according to the meal plan.

I could have done them myself, as each meal takes 3-4 minutes to prepare, however I was busy planning my wedding 🙂

The meal plan is based on proteins and fresh veggies and discourages eating carbohydrates a few hours before bed time.

I was eating 1300-1500 calories per day, split between 6 meals and every 7 days I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted.

Aline gave me a fat loss deserts cookbook as a bonus, and every Sunday, my mom used to prepare one of those deserts for me.

One thing I noticed as soon as I started Aline’s meal plan: I stopped having those late night cravings for chips…

To make things safer, I got rid of all junk food from my home and that is how the cravings disappeared. I still do not keep any junk food in the house.

My Results

When I decided to start my results, I promised myself to be faithful for a least 4 weeks.

In the first week, I had lost 5 pounds. It was a great achievement and gave me the motivation to keep going.

After 2 months I had lost over 40 pounds and I was slim and looking very attractive.

I finally could fit into my dream wedding dress and I had a fabulous wedding. I love my wedding photos and my husband is still very proud of me for how far I have come.

One thing I have realized is that getting support during your weight loss journey is very important.

My mum and my husband were very supportive and they kept me focused and motivated to go on.

A very close friend of mine also gave me all her support and we did the workouts together each morning.

She came over and insisted even on mornings I wasn’t feeling like exercising. She lost close to 30 pounds during the 2 months, so it was worth it for her as well 🙂

Aline answered to all my emails and I am so thankful for having found her videos on Facebook.

You can find everything about Aline’s Program and how to easily lose up to 22 pounds over the next 30 days on the next page!